Why cold water pipes are threatened by legionella bacteria

Legionella are bacteria that are found in water systems. Nearly 60 species of these bacteria are known and can lead to Legionnaires‘ disease in case of increased occurrence in drinking water. Legionella bacteria begin to multiply at temperatures of 25° and above about 45°C they double about every four hours. A problem in hot water pipes.

Wrong thought!

Legionella can also accumulate in cold water pipes. Especially in buildings where heating is done by means of a heat boiler in the basement. In it, the water is heated so that everyone in the building has running hot water. But now the person on the top floor should have the same hot water as the person on the bottom floor. To achieve this, the hot water is now constantly heated and sent up and down through the entire building so that hot water is immediately available everywhere when it is needed.

The problem

A theoretically good principle. But what has not been considered is that the hot water pipe is right next to the cold water pipe. The consequence of the constantly running warm water is that the pipe is always hot and also heats up the cold water pipe at the contact point. As a result, the cold water also reaches a higher temperature, in which legionella can multiply.

The solution

So cold water pipes must also be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of bacteria. And we have the solution: AnolinTW immediately ensures that over 99.99% of all bacteria are killed and requires no special precautions in application.

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