Water disinfection
Mineral disinfection with HOCL
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Surface disinfection
Water based disinfectant for industrial and professional disinfection
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Air disinfection
Removes germs by nebulizing the active ingredient
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About Loxotec

Loxotec is a pioneer in innovative hygiene, water and infection prevention solutions with HOCL.

Loxotec´s mission is to make the planet a bit cleaner, safer and healthier with HOCL. HOCL (sodium hypochlorite released from hypochlorous acid) is a mineral based, highly effective disinfection solution.

Loxotec offers customized solutions for your company in the field of water, surface and air disinfection.

With the proprietary ECALIT® process, Loxotec has been a pioneer in the quality, stability and safety of disinfection solutions with HOCL for decades.

Bernhard Foglar-Deinhardstein

Founder Loxotec

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With the registration as biocide according to ECHA, the Loxotec products are freely available in all countries of the European Union and meet all current standards for surface and water disinfection.

Surface disinfection with AnolinDES

Surface disinfection with AnolinDES

AnolinDes is a fast-acting water-based disinfectant for industrial and professional disinfection.

Drinkwater disinfection with AnolinTW

Drinkwater disinfection with AnolinTW

AnosanTW is an effective product for disinfecting drinking water, thus supporting healthy rearing and
general health of animals on the farm.

Air disinfection with AnolinAIR

Air disinfection with AnolinAIR

AnolinAir is a fast-acting water-based disinfectant for industrial and professional disinfection.

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Effectively and safely kill biofilms, bacteria and legionella in water.


Anolin got us through the pandemic safely, reliably and virus-free. We will use it again and again!


Energy-saving, effective and fast.