Loxotec as a company

Your reliable partner for disinfection solutions with HOCL

20 years ago, Loxotec´s Chief Research and Development Officer, biochemist, Dr. Kurt Kaehn, learned
from Russian engineers about the active ingredient HOCL and its extraordinary properties.
Together with a team of Russian scientists, he brought the active ingredient to Germany and
developed his own process for stabilizing HOCL.
This was the beginning of Loxotec´s journey. Loxotec became a pioneer in innovative hygiene, water
and infection prevention solutions with HOCL.


Loxotec manufactures all its products using the latest HOCL technology with a proprietary electrochemical process.

Own production

Proprietary process for the production of stabilized HOCL.

Professional certification

Protected know-how for the production of the specific machines.

Water disinfection

Leader in the European production of drinking water disinfection based on HOCL.

The key to success

Successful business model in providing a comprehensive solution for drinking water

Customized HOCL solutions for your company:

Since then, Loxotec has been offering its customers customized solutions for companies in the field
of water, surface and air disinfection, both under the Anolin brand and with third-party brands.

Why choose us?

500 square meters of production in Bensheim

2020 Loxotec opened its production in Bensheim

High standards for quality assurance

Since 2021, Loxotec has been ISO9001 certified and thus complies with all current quality assurance standards.