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Pyoderma in dogs

Pyoderma is one of the most common bacterial skin infections in dogs, which is not transmittable to other dogs and people. It causes pustules that might break into crusting lesions on skin folds and areas of sparse hair.

Ear mites

Ear mites are microscopic parasites which feed on the wax and skin oils in the ear canal.
Their presence is really painful for your pet, though, and can cause the inflammation and, therefore, some secondary ear infections.

Dog tear stains

Actually, these tear stains appear from the excessive porphyrin which is contained in tears, saliva, feces and urine of your dog

Hunde grippe

Dog flu

Did you know that like humans, dogs can also get affected by the flu? The dog flu, or canine influenza, is a highly contagious viral infection, which differs from the human influenza virus and is supposed to be not contagious to people.

cat eye

Reasons why your cat’s eyes might water

Same as humans, cats use the water in their eyes to remove dirt and debris, clean away bacteria and keep the eyes healthy and moisturized. Some liquid in the eyes or even watery eyes, if any foreign subjects like dust have to be flushed away, are normal. However, if you notice excess or discolored liquid, redness and irritation, the health condition may be a way more serious. First step to take if you spot excessive discharge is to observe your cat up until the eyes either get cleaned and return to their normal condition, or it develops to more clear signals that you cat might face a more serious condition. Let’s look at the common causes for watery eyes.

Taking care of pet paws

Dog’s paws help your dog keep balance, help with temperature control and protect from various terrain, so it is crucial to take care of them. In this blog article you will get more information on how to groom your dog’s paws.

Calming down a scared cat

There are various reasons why your cat might get scared – from strangers to loud fireworks – the world is full of scary things for small animals. It may be quite challenging for us to identify a reason why your four-legged friend is scared. However, it is one of the most useful steps to help your cat overcome its phobia and anxiety, which, in turn, leads to a healthier and happier life. Some common reasons are unfamiliar people, dogs, fireworks and loud noises

Grooming your dog at home

To keep the skin and coat of your pet healthy and shiny as well as keep various ear, eye, paws infections away, you can learn some basic grooming skills, which additionally can help you extend time between your appointments at professional groomer. Note that bathing your dog too often washes away the natural oils, which may lead to increased dryness and itchiness.

Taking care of the hooves

Observation and daily care of the hooves are crucial for the health of your horse. If you suggest that your four-legged friend may have serious health problems due to the condition of the hooves, reach out for your veterinarian immediately. Have a look at the following list of tips how to perform your daily routine when it comes to the hooves and frogs.

Dandruff in cats

Did you know that cats could also have dandruff – it is crucial to understand the difference between the dander and dandruff, though. While dander is a normal and healthy shedding of skin cells, dandruff is grey and white skin flakes which cause itchiness and dryness. Additionally, the following symptoms may occur:

How to prevent ear infections

Dogs are more prone to the ear infections than humans because of the form of their ear canals. That is the reason why you should give a proper attention to your pet’s ears. The most common infections are bacterial as well as yeast infections. However, you can prevent the ear infections by a regular cleaning and removal of dirt and wax.

How to bathe a cat

Everyone probably knows that cat are the best groomers – usually they can maintain their cleanliness and freshness on their own. However, sometimes your kitten might need your help. For example, if your pet got into some dirt that cannot be easily removed by themselves, it might need a bath. There are some steps recommended on how to make the process of bathing enjoyable not only for your cat but also for yourself.

Caring for your horse in winter

Not only humans are affected by the cold temperatures, horses are too. So, the question is how to make the winter time for our four-legged friends as comfortable as possible.

How to cat-proof your christmas tree

Cats are curious investigators—if you bring something new into your home, you can be sure they’ll inspect it. Therefore, decorating a tree during the holiday season might be a bit more challenging. Cats might get excited by a tall tree decorated with shiny objects. However, you can use a few advice to help keep cats safe.

Winter adventures with your dog

We all know that our puppies need a lot of physical as well as mental exercise to keep themselves happy and healthy. This may be quite challenging during the winter months. Many pet-owners usually struggle with getting their dog engaged into different activities in winter due to cold temperatures. In order to get your pet more excited about winter, have a look at our list of the top 8 winter activities with your dog:

Hunde Sanocyn

How to treat minor wounds and bites at home

Pets have a general nature to be curious and active, and, thus, may unintentionally get into things that could harm them. Moreover, even the friendliest cats and dogs can get into a conflict with another animal

Ringworm: symptoms and measures

Ringworm is, despite the name, a fungus, which infects dogs, cats and any other living creatures (humans are not an exception!). This fungus may inhabit the skin, surfaces, brushes, towels, clothes, and any other things. It is highly contagious, so even if your pet has undergone an effective treatment, it remains infectious for approximately 3 weeks and may need multiple rounds of treatment.


Trush and what you can do about it

Every horse owner knows it and has had to deal with it at least once – thrush.
Thrush is a bacterial disease of the horse’s hoof. The soft frog horn of the hoof is decomposed by putrefactive bacteria.

HOCL instead of  premature use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are a great achievement in the fight against bacteria. However, if antibiotics are used incorrectly, i.e., dosed too high as well as too low, or if antibiotics are used too frequently, bacteria can develop resistance to them. Such resistance can be problematic because treatable infections can be fatal. Therefore, avoiding excess antibiotic use has the advantage of allowing antibiotics to fully develop their effects in urgent emergencies

Cold weather safety tips

Winter is a great season but remember that dry, cold air and snow may be dangerous for your four-legged friends. To help prevent cold weather dangers from affecting your pet’s health, follow these advice: