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The founding team Bernhard Foglar-Deinhardstein, Dr. Kurt Kaehn and Elmar Baumert have made it
their goal to make the planet a bit cleaner, safer and healthier with HOCL solutions.
With the addition of Valeria Foglar-Deinhardstein and Magdalena Liebl to the founding team, we
brought diversity and important sales and marketing know-how to the management team.

Bernhard Foglar-Deinhardstein

Managing director and innovator in the company

“After many years as an employee, first as a research assistant in law firms and then as a sales manager at Megaboard GmbH, Bernhard Foglar-Deinhardstein decided that he was made for self-employment and founded his first company in the veterinary sector. After 3 years of building up and successfully selling the products, he went on to the next company foundation, Loxotec GmbH.”

Dr. Kurt Kaehn

Biologist, chemist and developer of the machines and responsible for the further development of the active substance.

“Dr. Kaehn brings to the company his expertise in the active ingredient, which he draws from many years of experience. He has already successfully launched and further developed another very well-known active ingredient. Dr. Kaehn is responsible for product improvement.”

Elmar Baumert

Management professional and visionary.

“Mr. Baumert is originally a lawyer and brings management know-how and experience from banking and industry. He has already restructured and rebuilt several companies as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and insolvency lawyer. He brings his years of management and banking experience to Loxotec. He is also a key figure in the company in the area of hygiene, automation of production and building important business relationships.”

Magdalena Liebl

Production and distribution

“Magadalena Liebl brings a wide range of experience from business, communications, finance and also the public sector. She is the driving force behind the professionalization of processes in production, filling and delivery of products, as well as in sales and customer service.”

Valeria Foglar-Deinhardstein

Sales and marketing

“Valeria Foglar-Deinhardstein brings experience from project management, agile working and sales. Her experience from the A1 Telekom Austria Group, where she was responsible for sales channel optimization, can be perfectly applied at Loxotec GmbH and thus contributes significantly to the expansion of current sales channels and the extension of Loxotec GmbH business models.”

Andreas Birnbaum

Production manager in Bensheim

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