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About Loxotec Animal Health

Sanocyn forte is your solution for more animal health

Sanocynforte  is a product line developed together with veterinarians with a very broad spectrum of efficacy and excellent tolerability.

Efficient treatment of wounds in pets and livestock is a matter of personal concern to us, which is why we are constantly working on the further development of our products. All our products are based on the innovative technology HOCL and guarantees an application-friendly use.

The microbiocidal active ingredient hyperchloric acid cleans wounds without burning or stinging and complies with the anti-doping guidelines of the FEI and the FN (ADMR). Thus Sanocynforte is also suitable for use in sporting competition.

Bernhard Foglar-Deinhardstein

Founder Loxotec

About Loxotec Hygiene-Lösungen

Loxotec is a pioneer in innovative hygiene, water and infection prevention solutions with HOCL.

Loxotec’s mission is to make the planet a bit cleaner, safer and healthier with HOCL. HOCL (sodium hypochlorite released from hypochlorous acid) is a mineral based, highly effective disinfection solution.

Loxotec offers customized solutions for your company in the field of water, surface and air disinfection.

With the proprietary ECALIT® process, Loxotec has been a pioneer in the quality, stability and safety of disinfection solutions with HOCL for decades.

Bernhard Foglar-Deinhardstein

Founder Loxotec

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Our products

With the fulfillment of all measures for biocide according to ECHA, our products are freely marketable in all countries of the European Union and meet all standards for surface and water disinfection.

Sanocynforte products are distributed through specialized wholesalers and are available exclusively from veterinarians and medical professionals. The technical progress of hyperchloric acid combined with medical know-how.

Hygienelösungen: Anolin

Hygienelösungen: Anolin

Anolin ist ein schnellwirksames Desinfektionsmittel auf Wasserbasis für die industrielle und professionelle Desinfektion.

Animal Health: Sanocyn

Animal Health: Sanocyn

Sanocyn forte garantiert eine sichere und anwendungsfreundliche Reinigung von Wunden ohne Brennen oder Stechen.

Customer opinions

Tötet effektiv und sicher Biofilme, Bakterien und Legionellen im Wasser ab.


Anolin hat uns ungefährlich, verlässlich und virenfrei über die Pandemie gebracht. Wir werden immer wieder darauf zurückgreifen!


Energiesparend, wirksam und schnell.