Air disinfection in the food industry

The spread of microorganisms inside can quickly spell doom in the food industry. Increased levels of bacteria and microorganisms in the air accelerate the growth of mold. Well, we don’t need to elaborate here on how serious this is for food and what the consequences would be.

Therefore, in the food industry, special requirements are placed on air quality to prevent or at least greatly reduce the growth of microorganisms in manufacturing and storage areas.

In the food industry, the control and hygienic control of air relates to temperature, moisture content, the design of ventilation systems and the concentration of particles. Thus, clean air makes a significant contribution to safe and hygienic food production.

The benefits of hygienic air

  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Increased shelf life of food
  • Higher production efficiency
  • Greatly reduced risk of microbial and bacterial contamination
  • Optimized control over humidity and temperature
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements


AnolinAir disinfectant consistently removes germs and viruses from the air through subtle nebulization. Based on HOCL technology, AnolinAir efficiently kills airborne microorganisms and requires no other safety measures for use.

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