Biocide Ordinance

Biocides are necessary in the control of organisms that are harmful to health. The sale and use of biocidal products is regulated by EU Regulation No. 528/2012. This is to ensure a high level of protection for human, animal and environmental health. The regulation also manages the sale of treated products.

Definition of biocidal product

A biocidal product is defined as all those substances or mixtures that consist of several active substances and are intended to destroy, deter, prevent the action of, or render harmless harmful organisms by means other than physical or mechanical action.

Approval of a biocidal active substance

Before a biocidal product can be provided and used, it must be approved. In order to have an active substance approved, it must be listed in a so-called Union list (positive list). This list contains all approved active substances with which the new active substance is compared in the approval procedure. For existing active substances, i.e. active substances that were already on the market, transitional arrangements apply, but a notification to the Federal Chemicals Agency is required.

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