Avian influenza in humans

Over the past 25 years, nearly 900 cases of avian influenza in humans have been reported to WHO (World Health Organization). Of these 900, about 50% died from the disease.

Now this is no reason to panic, because all those cases in which the symptoms were only mild do not appear in these statistics. Nevertheless, the virus continues to spread, with evidence of the disease on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. The virus is now also crossing species barriers. Whereas in the past only birds and poultry animals were affected, this can no longer be said to be the case today. In the meantime, around 30 mammalian species are affected by bird flu. Based on all this information, the risk of bird flu infection is also increasing for humans. The more a virus spreads, the more likely it is to change as well, and as a result, it can pose a risk to humans. 

For example, in the fall of 2022, a woman in her late 30s died after coming into contact with an infected animal. We humans do not have to be afraid of avian influenza, but it would be advantageous to make preparations and pay more attention to it. For example, regular and thorough disinfection can prevent the outbreak of the disease.

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