Biosafety in a company

What is biosafety?

Safety in operation is one of the basic requirements for a company. In companies where infectious microorganisms or dangerous biological materials are handled, this is called biosafety.

Biosafety is the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases inside and outside the farm. This is especially important in animal husbandry on farms. For some animal groups there are specific regulations, for others it varies from farm to farm.

Consequences of lack of biosafety

If biosecurity is not in place, fatal consequences can occur. For example, in 2021, cases of African swine flu, which had been present in various European countries since 2014, were still detected on farms in Germany. Constant disinfection is necessary to prevent the transmission of bacteria in the first place.


AnolinDes is a simple and safe solution to achieve biosafety on farms: The water-based disinfectant can be used on a wide range of surfaces, as well as floors, food machinery and stables. The fast-acting agent is ideal for professional and industrial cleaning thanks to its ready-to-use form and versatile application.

The preservative in the products ensures effective elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi and guarantees effective disinfection for a safe environment on the farm.

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