Saving energy in drinking water disinfection


The use of hot water is a widespread means of avoiding Legionella bacteria in drinking water, as they die at temperatures above 70°C. Each tapping point should be flushed for about 3 minutes. At lower temperatures, the required duration of flushing is considerably longer (at least 10 minutes at a minimum of 65°C). In practice, this means that it is usually necessary to heat the water to more than 62 °C in order to to keep the return flow at over 55 °C. As a result, the energy costs are very high. To keep them acceptable, the heat input should be reduced, which can be achieved by lowering the circulation temperature.


To ensure that the unwelcome germs do die off when the hot water circulation is operated at a lower flow temperature, Anolin TW can be added to the water. Anolin TW is a liquid disinfectant that efficiently and quickly combats bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. It consists of over 99% water, the highly efficient active ingredient it contains is not a hazardous substance and is harmless to humans. In addition, Anolin TW is very easy to use because no structural measures are required for its use. Disinfectant Anolin TW is also suitable for sanitation and permanent disinfection.

With Anolin TW, the lower flow temperature can be operated, which reduces the heat input reduced and energy costs can be efficiently lowered.

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