germ-free into the knocking off-time

Seven o’clock in the morning: the alarm clock rings. After a warm drink and a small breakfast, the tram, which is naturally overcrowded at this time of day, is already on its way to work. Lunch is quickly prepared in the communal kitchen before it’s time to go back to the computer, where we type our fingers sore. After work a quick trip to the supermarket, a shopping cart through the rows, a quick €50 bill from the cash register, and then home with the week’s groceries.

This could be a classic day of a working week. However, the fully packed shopping bags are not the only thing you bring into your own home: throughout the day, we all come into contact with countless bacteria. The average number of bacteria found under one of our fingernails is a staggering 50.430, and that’s just one in ten nails.

Keeping this number in mind, the motivation to clean the house every week may come much faster, because despite washing your hands, bacteria will remain on objects, doorknobs, etc.

AnolinDes is based on the innovative technology HOCL and thanks to the active ingredient removes over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi from all surfaces, so you can enjoy your evening without a worry.


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