POV: mold on the windows

Convenient to have so many plants on the window sill that they well hide the mold that has formed on the edges of the window behind it. Out of sight, out of mind – it would be nice. Because anyone who has mold at home – whether in the corners on the walls or on the edges near the windows – is also breathing in these harmful substances.

Molds occur everywhere in the wild, which is why it is difficult to avoid them. They are in the air and are carried by the wind. The best way for these fungi to enter the apartment is through the window or doors, or through our clothes and, of course, moldy food. However, mold can only grow in ideal conditions.

At the window, mold is formed mainly by condensation. Warm air can store more water than cold air, which is why all the moisture in the warm air inside the apartment is deposited at the coldest point in the form of condensation. Especially in winter, the temperature difference between the heated interior and the cold outside is particularly large, which in turn promotes the formation of condensation and thus the formation of mold.

Thick curtains in front of the windows or objects (such as plants) on the window sills also promote mold growth at the window gaps. Mold growth, especially indoors, affects your health and should be taken seriously. In addition to proper ventilation habits, regular disinfection with AnolinDes can also help control mold.

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