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Viren und Bakterien

Whether on buses, trains, or in enclosed spaces, viral and bacterial contamination is often
increased where large numbers of people congregate. Public transportation in particular is a
“virus slinger” in everyday life. For this reason, both surface and air disinfection are of great importance.
air disinfection is of great importance. Whereas Asian countries rely on meticulous disinfection
disinfection, European countries prefer to rely on a less labor-intensive solution: fogging.
fogging. This releases harmless biocidal substances, such as hypochlorous acid, which then
then settle evenly on (hard-to-reach) surfaces and disinfect them.
In addition, the active ingredient removes unpleasant odors and thus ensures fresh and
clean air.

Viren und Bakterien

Particularly during the Corona pandemic, disinfecting the air gained in importance,
to reduce the risk of infection. With the method of fogging this can be done in the
and brings enormous safety for safe travel not only by bus and train, but also for taxi
and trains, but also for cab companies or private businesses, for example.

The water-based air disinfection products from Loxotec have the advantage that they are pH
neutral and therefore very well tolerated by the skin, as well as being non-irritating to the mucous membranes.
Thus, Loxotec provides a safe and reliable method of air disinfection with the fogging of HOCL.
method of air disinfection and eliminates viruses and bacteria from all surfaces without

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