Room and surface disinfection with hypochlorous acid (HOCL)

At the latest with the Corona pandemic, we are all aware of the importance of disinfection and
cleaning is – especially in places where many people are present. Since the start of the disease
the topic of hygiene has become more relevant in society. Not only in private life
more disinfectants have been used, but also in public areas. Especially
the catering industry attached particular importance to a clean and safe environment for its guests. For this
thorough room and surface disinfection was necessary.

And that’s where Loxotec comes in: Loxotec has made it its life’s work to provide a safe and simple solution to combat
combating bacteria, viruses and fungi as its life’s work. The products are based
on a hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is harmless to both human and animal tissues
as this acid is produced in the white blood cells of all mammals.
The products of Loxotec are developed on water basis and disinfect surfaces
surfaces quickly and effectively. After application, the active ingredient breaks down again into its elementary
(water and salt) and can thus kill bacteria and viruses without destroying healthy tissue.
destroying healthy tissue.

Disinfection and cleaning has never been easier and faster with the innovative active ingredient HOCL.
faster. Within one minute, the products reduce over 99.99% of bacteria,
viruses and molds, and without organic chemistry. Numerous businesses in the
already rely on the water-based disinfection products for safe and fast surface cleaning.
safe and fast surface cleaning.

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