The handbook for drinking water operators

Drinking water systems in Austria must comply with the Drinking Water Ordinance, so as an operator of a drinking water system, you bear full responsibility for inspecting drinking water systems and assessing a legionella risk. And with responsibility comes obligation:

Drinking water operators must have the water tested and forward the reports and findings to the relevant authorities. If microbiological and/or chemical contamination is detected, the operator must immediately take appropriate measures.


All documents relating to the construction and maintenance of the plant must be kept for five years and presented upon request by the authorities.

ÖNORM B 5019

In Austria, the so-called ÖNORM B 5019 “Hygiene-relevant planning, execution, operation, monitoring and renovation of central drinking water heating systems” is responsible for regulating the operation of a drinking water system. This standard has been valid since 2020 and describes measures to prevent legionella growth and to prevent infections from heated drinking water.

Consequences of non-compliance

Drinking water must be of such a quality that it does not cause any damage to human health, in particular due to pathogens, either when consumed or when used. Even a suspicion, let alone an exceedance, of the microbiological indicator values can be sufficient for a plant or business to be partially or completely closed.

Should the operator not be able to prove that he/she has complied with all legally regulated requirements in the event of (personal) damage, this will constitute gross negligence and there will be no insurance cover.


Thermal disinfection, which is always preferable to chemical disinfection if possible, often proves to be too time-consuming in practice or does not achieve the desired results. In contrast, the accumulation of legionella in the drinking water system can be easily and effectively prevented with the help of AnolinTW.

Thanks to the active ingredient sodium hyochlorite, AnolinTW products are very effective against bacteria and also always comply with legal standards.

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