The weak point bathroom

When the temperature outside drops, people like to stay in the warm apartment, where they can warm their feet on the heater. As pleasant as it may be, the warmth also brings its problems in winter, especially where a lot of moisture accumulates. The bathroom is one of the most vulnerable rooms in the apartment, where due to the high humidity germs and bacteria accumulate and make themselves felt in the form of mold.

This often happens when the bathroom is ventilated incorrectly or not at all. However, it can also happen that some apartments do not have a window in their bathroom and, accordingly, airing it is a challenge. In this case, it is especially important to remove the moisture as well as possible after showering or bathing, for example, remove the water vapor and drops from the shower walls and the mirror with a window squeegee.

Furthermore, a thorough cleaning is crucial. With AnolinDes your bathroom will become uninhabitable for bacteria, germs and viruses and you can say goodbye to unnecessary scrubbing in the moldy corners.

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