What dangers are hidden behind disinfectants

For the majority of the population, the disinfectant bottle is now a constant companion. Just opened two doors on the public toilet and operated the water tap, like so many before you – no problem: the disinfectant is immediately at hand.


Even though disinfectant kills germs and bacteria on the skin, conventional disinfectant also attacks beneficial bacteria and attacks our acid mantle, which is there to protect our skin from pathogens. Excessive use of disinfectant can crack the skin and allow pathogens to penetrate more easily. Therefore, even in the household, it is advisable to protect your hands with gloves when cleaning.


The disinfectant AnolinDes differs from other disinfectants thanks to its active ingredient hyperchloric acid. Hyperchloric acid is produced in natural defense processes of humans, which is why more developed cell structures, such as those of humans, cannot be attacked by it. For this reason, the use of AnolinDes is not a problem even without protective gloves and can also be used as a disinfectant for hands.

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