What is hiding in our drinking water and what we can do about it


Water plays a central role in our lives: from drinking water to industrial water. But
what bacteria are hiding in our water and how dangerous they can be for our health.
health, hardly anyone knows. Almost all water contains the
so-called Legionella bacteria. In a low concentration these bacteria are harmless
but if the concentration increases, they can be fatal and lead to Legionnaires’ disease.
Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease affects the lungs and causes fever,
headache, cough and shortness of breath. Certain types can even become life-threatening,
especially for elderly and weak people. In Germany, approximately 15,000 to 30,000 people are
people are affected by the disease every year.


For this reason, water disinfection is of great importance. Thermal disinfection
of the pipes is very expensive, as it requires a lot of energy and is also not sufficiently
effective. In contrast, the water-based disinfectant developed by
ANOLIN W is ideal for effective water disinfection. The agent is odorless and
neutral in taste and complies with drinking water regulations (EN 901 tested). It is produced by means of the electrochemical, proprietary “ECALIT” process and requires no
protective measures, as more highly developed cell structures than viruses, bacteria or fungi are
are not attacked by the resulting active ingredient “sodium hypochlorite”.
The application of the disinfectant is more energy-saving than the thermal disinfection
ANOLIN W is added to the water system in an adapted dosage after measuring the germ load.
is added to the water system in an adjusted dosage and then only requires simple
simple measurements, such as the PH value.
With the effective water disinfection ANOLIN W, clean and safe drinking and service water is guaranteed.
service water is guaranteed.

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