Why does disinfectant burn?

Every one of us has had to clean a wound with disinfectant. And we can all remember how much that often burned. But what is the reason for this? We will get to the bottom of this question:


Vanilloid receptors

The fact that we feel a burning sensation when we disinfect has to do with the so-called vanilloid receptors in our skin. These are responsible for our pain stimuli and warn us when our skin becomes hotter than 40°C. Now, disinfection does not involve heat, however, the receptors that are exposed come into direct contact with the alcohol in the disinfectant. The alcohol activates the receptors, which send pain stimuli despite the low temperature.


The disinfecting solution AonlinDes is based on hyperchloric acid and does not contain alcohol. Therefore, anyone who comes into contact with the disinfectant while cleaning a small wound need not fear any negative effects or an unpleasant burning sensation. Hyperchlorous acid is an acid poduced in natural defense processes of humans, which is why it ensures safe use.

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